The Bioresonance and Biofeedback Devices below are available through us if required. However, we offer these as a service to our students but wish to emphasise that our courses are open to anyone with a Bioresonance/Biofeedback device as long as it has the required database in which to do the course. For example if doing the food sensitivity diploma there will need to be a food database within the device. Therefore our courses are open to ALL Bioresonance/Biofeedback practitioners wishing to validate their work through accredited training.

SCOPE Food Sensitivity Testing Device

ScopeQ is a highly developed Biofeedback/Bioresonance medical device, manufactured by Bruce Copen Laboratories who have 65 years of experience in the field of QuantumResponse technology. It has been specifically developed to provide a professional and cost-effective introduction to quantum medicine.

The Scope database cover a wide range of foods; categories including Grains, Dairy, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruits (Raw and Cooked) Herbs, Spices, Alcohols and Drinks. The database can be added to for specialised diets to accommodate a variety of foods from different cultures.

This advanced system works on a hair sample and is therefore non-invasive. All health testing can be carried out remotely therefore no clinic visits are necessary.

MARS III (Multiple Analytical Resonance System)

The top of the range system that includes more than 60000 rates and covers a wide range of health subjects. These include: Foods as above, Vitamins, Minerals, Pathogens such as Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Fungals, Toxins, Chemical/Metal, Non food Allergens, Body Systems, Organs, Symptoms and Diseases, Acupuncture Rates, Homeopathic Remedies, Bach Flowers, Auras/Chakra energy, Gem stones, Colours, Geopathic Zones, Electro Smog.

Both SCOPE and MARS offer a database that can be added to so that it your work can be tailored to suit your practice. Please enquire for demonstration and further information.

The MARS is extremely versatile and offers health assessment testing based on a hair sample as well as having the facility of producing remedies as a combination of tablets, tinctures, powders, electronic encoding cards and remote broadcasting.

BICOM OPTIMA ||| Test and Treatment of all Modalities

The Bicom has been available since 1975, it is 5 seperate devices in one machine. Many therapists find it cover everything they need to run a successful clinic. Unlike other devices, the Bicom does not rely on stored manufactured frequencies. Instead it uses information from the client to threat and restore disturbed cellular communication.

Because this method is so effective Bicom has become the world leader, backed by thousands of case studies and scientific data. In addition Module 2 has stored frequencies that can be introduced during therapy such as a Schumann generator, Electroacucpuncture and Homoepathic potentising.

Because this method is so effective the Bicom has become a world leader, backed by thousands of case studies and scientific data. For more information and videos please visit the Bicom website, where you can learn more about our product. Students can received a lifetime discount by registering here.



£ 13000


£ 21500



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