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Bioresonance at the forefront of a new healing age using vibrational energy to assess Food Intolerances


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A wave of bioresonance/biofeedback devices are being introduced to the world of complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM).

They combine the latest technology with the age old art of vibrational energy healing, where your body’s natural energy field is read by the bioresonance device using a hair sample and begins a process of scanning the database of foods and drinks to produce a set of personal results. These results are in the form of specific foods that are showing as sensitive for you to eat at the moment and are listed in percentage terms so that they are easy to understand at a glance, the higher the percentage the higher the sensitivity.

How does it work?

Bioresonance is a science which has its foundation in reading and interpreting energy patterns, wavelengths that all living matter transmits and receives. This energy is as invisible as microwaves and radio waves that operate mobile phones, computers and radios. We all know that we feel energy perhaps vibrations when we meet someone or have any experience that gives us a sense of ‘picking up’ a feeling whether either positive or negative.

If everything on the planet and beyond can vibrate at a frequency that causes effect including us as human beings, Bioresonance may be a way of understanding what we can do to understand how to read these vibrations or energy waves. Bioresonance devices are designed to receive and transmit specific vibrational energy wavelengths that help to assess
health issues and also create remedies by transmitting these energy fields into homeopathic potencies.

It appears from research that psychological and emotional wellbeing can even affect food intolerances and changes to our diet as the nervous system is linked to every part of our body and any stressor puts pressure on the way the body interacts. The spiritual dimension is of paramount importance as it is believed by many to support a more meaningful, relaxing state that can help with pain relief, depression, and anxiety, encouraging better sleep achieving a sense of peace and calm and wellbeing. The book “Food Sensitivity Testing and the Principles of Bioresonance Therapy” has been recently published to explain and excite our imaginations to take us to another dimension in understanding our health and the impact that foods can have on each person.

The book is really a manual for a practitioner who wants to understand more about the subject of Bioresonance and in particular for those who are interested in Food Sensitivities, Intolerances and allergies. It is also for members of the public who are seeking an alternative approach to looking at their health with regard to food testing. It is full of useful information and a great guide for would be Bioresonance practitioners as well as existing healthcare therapists.