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Bioresonance Devices

Bioresonance and Biofeedback Devices below are available through us as main UK distributor and Copen partner.

Our courses are open to anyone with a Bioresonance/Biofeedback device as long as it has the required database in which to do the course. For example if doing the food sensitivity diploma there will need to be a food database within the device.

Our courses are open to ALL Bioresonance/Biofeedback practitioners wishing to validate their work through our own Bioresonance International Training Programme. We only accredit our own bespoke and quality training.



SCOPE Food Sensitivity Testing Device

Scope is a highly developed Biofeedback/Bioresonance wellness device, used for both remote testing and in a clinic setting. Manufactured by Bruce Copen Laboratories who have 65 years of experience in the field of QuantumResponse technology. It has been specifically developed to provide a professional and cost-effective introduction to quantum medicine.

The Scope food testing and vitamin and mineral database includes a wide range of foods; categories including Grains, Dairy, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruits (Raw and Cooked) Herbs, Spices, Alcohols and Drinks. The database can be added to for specialised diets to accommodate a variety of foods from different cultures.

The Scope FSTD also has a range of vitamins and minerals in the database which can be added to and tailor the therapists own protocols. It then runs the tests for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

These tests can then form a Health wellbeing nutritional template for the patient/client

This advanced system works on a hair sample and is therefore non-invasive. All health testing can be carried out remotely therefore no clinic visits are necessary. Versatile for all health professionals who want to offer their patients/clients a food intolerance/sensitivity test and /or vitamin/mineral deficiency test.

 MARS lll (Multiple Analytical Resonance System)


MARS III is a differential diagnostic analysis and therapy system. It is the top of the range and offers a comprehensive energetic system which includes colour therapy, chakra balance and whole body balancing. With more than 60,000 test parameters (offered in 3 different languages, 20,000 rates in each Spanish, German and English), you can thoroughly test your patients energetically . The database can be individually added to.  MARS III can be used in a variety of areas: in human and veterinary medicine, in the field of psychology / coaching, in business consulting, agriculture, environmental technology and industry .

MARS III is Bioresonance technology offering a range of tests including:

Food Intolerances, Pathogens (bacteria, virus, parasite, fungal, Chemical and Metal toxins, Electro-Smog, Emotional and Psychological testing, Hormone imbalance, IBS, Digestive issues, Liver function, Structural alignment and neurological issues, Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, Carcinogens, Full body system testing

Symptom Led testing: IBS, Thyroid function, Digestive upsets, Insomnia, Depression and anxiety, Skin conditions, Diabetes, Bloating and weight fluctuations, Heart and circulation, Blood pressure and Cholesterol, Urinary tract infections

MARS III effectively helps you, as a therapist, to assess the cause of a disease. A sample from the patient such as  hair, blood or urine is produced by the patient which is placed into the device and a comprehensive energetic diagnostic assessment of the patient begins. The assessment is based on the Copen BioResonance procedure. The hair sample is placed in the instrument input, scanned and then tested. On the monitor of the connected PC, you can immediately and clearly identify where the patient’s energy field is blocked or disturbed , and at which energetic level this imbalance takes place. The result is evaluated by the practitioner and discussed during the consultation whether in person, Zoom, email or telephone.

Technical Information

System Requirements
For immediate operation, you only need a standard computer or a notebook with the following minimum parameters:
• 2048 MB RAM
• DualCore processor from 1.8 GHz
• fast graphics card with 1024 x 768 screen resolution
• Serial interface USB or network card with RJ45 connector
• Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
On Apple computers, Copen SuperTuning runs in BootCamp mode on Windows XP through Windows 10.


UK ONLY: Finance Available (subject to terms and conditions) If you would like to purchase one of our bioresonance devices we work closely with our partner, Leasetech limited who may be able to assist you in finding the right finance for your requirements. Please enquire for further information or contact direct email

Scope Q

Copen ScopeQ effectively helps you, as a practitioner, to assess the cause of a disease. Based on a substance sample (blood, hair, urine) or directly on the patient, a precise and comprehensive energetic analysis of the patient based on the Copen BioResonance process is carried out. The hair sample is placed in the instrument input, scanned and then assessed. On the monitor of the connected PC, you can immediately and clearly identify where the patient’s energy field is blocked or disturbed and which physical effects this can have. The result is evaluated by the practitioner and discussed during the consultation.

The Scope database is identical to the MARS lll and able to test for Food intolerances, pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungal), Chemical and Metal toxins, Electro-Smog, Symptoms and Diseases and Non Food allergens. This testing method can be used remotely with no clinic visits necessary. 

If one to one therapy, based on the test results, is required Scope Q can offer homeopathic remedies tailored to the individual. There are more than 60,000 so-called rates available, (rates are items and are offered in 3 different languages, 20,000 each in Spanish, German and English) which you can add to extra rates/items to tailor your database to suit your specific clinic requirements. The information applied is designed to bring the body system back into balance, helps to alleviate the discomfort and stimulates the healing process ; Often a positive reaction is detected immediately after treatment .

Copen ScopeQ is a compact device which offers an identical database to that of the Therapy System MARS III. Use ScopeQ in everyday practice and home visits – the handiness of the device makes it ideal for mobile use by human and veterinary physicians. The database can be added to and allows the practitioner to create their own personal business model for their patient’s.





SCOPE Food and Vitamin Testing only


£ 15950

MARS lll