The first book to investigate the popular subject of Food Intolerances, Sensitivities and Allergies using Bioresonance and Biofeedback therapy.

Past to Present

Covering the history of the tremendous growth in complementary medicine from the last century to today.

Covering All Popular Symptoms

Identifying possible previously unidentified causes behind symptoms such as fatigue, headahces, IBS and weight gain. 

Helpful How-Tos

Demonstrating the pratices of food testing for a patient with helpful guides for training practitioners as to how to understand results and produce food plans.

Helpful Nutrition Guides 

Easily displayed information to help understand what’s really in our foods.

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Food Sensitivity Testing approach

The food Sensitivity Testing approach using bioresonance technology is a non-invasive test checking for food reactions and is the latest therapy for assessing top foods to avoid. This helps to obtain balance and harmony not only in the digestive system but for all systems, a holistic approach to healing. It is non-invasive as only hair samples are used and also offered as remote testing so no clinic visits are necessary. These tests are being carried out all over the world.

More than 600 foods are tested including major food groups such as – Wheat- Gluten – Dairy –Lactose- Fish – Meat – Alcohol- Vegetables- Fruits

Most common symptoms include: IBS, generic term for digestive health issue, bloating, again generic term for a reaction to food or drink, weight gain, fluid retention, fatigue, asthma and skin reactions.

In today’s world we have become much more aware of what we put into our body. You may ask why? Reasons span from the importation of foods from many different countries so that not so many indigenous (locally grown) foods are offered in the shops and restaurants. 

There is now so much foreign travel that it is easy to pick up different pathogens, (parasites, fungal, bacteria and viruses) as well as toxins from the foods and drinks ingested. Any stressor can change the body’s natural harmony, PH (homeostasis) and can in turn create a different and challenging environment for certain foods. The most common food intolerances appear to be dairy and wheat/gluten. However, many other foods can be involved in producing symptoms. These include IBS, generic term for digestive health issues, bloating, again generic term for a reaction to food or drink, weight gain, fluid retention, fatigue, asthma and skin reactions.

It appears from research that psychological and emotional wellbeing can even affect food intolerances and changes to our diet as the nervous system is linked to every part of our body and any stressor puts pressure on the way the body interacts. The spiritual dimension is of paramount importance as it is believed by many to support a more meaningful, relaxing state that can help with pain relief, depression, and anxiety, encouraging better sleep achieving a sense of peace and calm and wellbeing. The book “Food Sensitivity Testing and the Principles of Bioresonance Therapy” has been recently published to explain and excite our imaginations to take us to another dimension in understanding our health and the impact that foods can have on each person.

The book is really a manual for a practitioner who wants to understand more about the subject of Bioresonance and in particular for those who are interested in Food Sensitivities, Intolerances and allergies. It is also for members of the public who are seeking an alternative approach to looking at their health with regard to food testing. It is full of useful information and a great guide for would be Bioresonance practitioners as well as existing healthcare therapists.