My youngest was exclusively breast fed and at just under 12 months we decided to introduce cows milk as a drink ready to start weaning from me. He had had it in cereal and small amounts but as we upped the quantities he was extremely uncomfortable on a night, writhing in discomfort and would then often comfort feed from me all night which was exhausting, along with explosive nappies. After a holiday in Thailand where he wasn't having
much cows milk we noticed a big difference so I once again turned to Langton Smith. His reaction to cows milk was 100% however other milk products weren't as high so we have kept small amounts of these in his diet. If he has a little too much then you can tell as the explosive nappies come back but he is a lot more settled on a night. We are still following a restricted diet but hopefully soon we can try again however I don't think he is ready for more cows milk yet